It was Mother’s Day last week so I want to share with you this touching Mother’s Day video from Solane. I don’t wanna spoil it for you so just watch. Suggestion: ready some tissue or your hanky.

Are you crying right now or ARE YOU CRYING RIGHT NOW???

I know I am ugly crying right now!

It’s so sweet and touching and beautiful and relatable and sad and inspiring all at the same time.

I love the message of the video; it’s so simple but it’s so strong: FOR THE ONES YOU LOVE, GIVING UP IS NOT AN OPTION.

I’m sure a lot of people can relate to it, especially parents. Whether it’s assembling that LEGO spaceship composed of thousands of pieces just to put a smile on your kid’s face, or working overtime for five days straight just to earn extra money for the family, or even something supposedly simple like cooking your little ones’ favorite sinigang na baboy just coz they have a sudden craving for it, you do it – no matter how difficult or tiring it is – for the ones you love.

I myself can relate. There are still times when I feel as if I’m not doing a good job as a father; there are even times when I feel like I’m failing as a parent. There are still moments when I feel like it’s so hard to juggle work and fatherhood, or that I’m not teaching my daughter the right things, or that I’m not giving her enough nutritious food or toys or quality time. But at the end of the day I know that giving up is not an option. Life is so short and I want to make sure that I give my child 100% of myself while I am still alive.

This is why I couldn’t stop crying when I saw those picture frames of the family in the video, back when they were still complete – back when the mom still hadn’t lost her battle to cancer.

Dying is one of my biggest fears simply because I don’t want to be separated from my daughter. I want to be with her forever! So this video really had a big impact on me. It is a reminder for me to make time for family and to cherish each moment with them because life really is so short.

This Solane video is such a great tribute to all moms out there. We look up to our moms and admire them for the many nice things they do for us, sometimes forgetting that once upon a time, they were first-time moms who were pretty clueless about a lot of things, struggling but doing their best to be perfect parents to us.

My favorite part? How they showed that dads can be moms, too – widowers, single dads, single gay fathers.

I myself feel like a mom sometimes because I do stuff that mostly moms do: I shop for dresses and skirts for/with my daughter, I brush and style her hair every day, we play with her Barbies.

But at the end of the day it’s not really about the roles or the labels or the activities. What’s important is that you spend quality time with your child. What’s important – just like what the Solane Mother’s Day video shows – is that you do things for your loved ones no matter how hard or tiring it is sometimes – because you love them.

(Belated) Happy Mother’s Day again to all moms (and dad-moms) out there!


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